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Gulmkqptzy1jn3zkca5q tithing is a GOD DRIVEN company. We strive to honour God's word, principles and instructions.

As a result we TITHE monthly. We support various orginizations through monthly contributions as well as hosting websites for free.

Our latest client is - please visit their site and consider making a donation. Your donations goes a long way into helping out someone in need!!


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We are EXTREMELY proud of our work and take the time and effort to make sure you GET MORE THAN WHAT YOU PAY FOR

We do alot of "behind the scenes stuff" to ensure that your website is up to date with the latest technology and trends. We make sure that your website is search engine friendly, viewable on any mobile device (iphone, ipad, or any cellphone) and stays up to date.


We are not in the game of taking your money and dissapearing. By charging a monthly premium rather than a once off fee, we are able to GIVE YOU a full one hour of in house maintenance (monthly) for FREE / MAHALA / VERNIET - making sure that your website is updated and your info displayd is correct and current. 


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Supplying us with info

It is your duty to supply us with the necessary information in order for us to complete your website. If you have paid the deposit, and failed to submit the application and or information of your company, you will forfeit the deposit as we have already incurred costs to your application. Note that we can only upload/use information given to us – this is obvious.


Please note that because DeodataDigital offers the websites as monthly packages, the Domain names and Website stays the property of DeodataDigital If you requite ownership of the above you will be quoted beforehand.

Time line

The duration of the Design & Development of the website will take approximately 15 working days from acceptance of this quotation per project & we will require 5 working days to test beta version once completed. Any additional alterations on the website during or after the development phase will be charged accordingly. Please note that we would require at least 5 working days notification prior to commencement.


DeodataDigital will supply you with a standard hosting package if you do not already have one. If your needs exceed that of what the hosting package currently offers, you will be charged for a package upgrade that best suits your needs. Note that the upgrade cost will be added to the “Monthly Maintenance” costs.

Should the transfer of the website be requested to another ISP or server, we will allow access to all the files, front end & data of the website 


We do not accept any financial damages that may occur after acceptance of final product, we will however be responsible for 100% functionality of the website for the duration of this agreement. In the event of software failure, brought about by the illegal practice of hacking, etc., DeodataDigital will undertake to repair such software at no additional costs.


As part of your “Monthly Maintenance” fee, you are entitled to changes on your website to the value of 1 hour per month. Note that you are not allowed to accumulate hours if you have not used them. All update exceeding the 1 hour, will be invoiced accordingly. We will however inform and quote you should this happen. All updates should be emailed to

The information received must clearly stipulate on which webpage it should be published on the website. All grammar, spelling or linguistic applications must be revised by the Client before submission of such content to DeodataDigital.

Images & written content must be submitted in digital format to DeodataDigital.

Updates by DeodataDigital will only be done during office hours unless prior arrangements have been made. All images that require editing will be charged at an hourly fee as agreed upon. A DeodataDigital reduced logo will appear on the bottom footer of the website along with a webmaster link.


Should you wish to cancel our service, we require 1 Months’ notice in advance. Please note that you may only cancel our service after a 6 months period.

Payment Terms

Your 1st months payment is required to start the work. We must have your signed application and deposit NO LATER THAN 1 weeks prior to the start date. This allows us to get the domains etc. we need in place to ensure that we deliver on time. We reserve the right to Take down you website and Emails until payment reflects.

Payments via our Debit Orders system will be deducted on the 25th of each month,should this function not be utilised, payment is required via Electronic Funds as per invoice. 

Monthly fees may escalate by approximately 10% on the 1st March of every calendar year. Interest at a rate of 2.2% will be levied for late payments


Online Payment

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Please use the below form to make an online Payment. 

Fill in the amount below - Please make sure to reflect the Exact amount as indicated on your invoice


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Services / Rates

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R100 pm - MORE INFO

R150 pm - MORE INFO

R250 pm - MORE INFO

R450 pm - MORE INFO

From R500 - MORE INFO

Starting from R600pm - MORE INFO

Starting from R250pm (Website Excluded) - MORE INFO

Domain Registration

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Website Starter

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Website Advanced

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Website CMS

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Photo Add

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Online Ordering

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